When will I receive my plants?

Please take a look at our delivery information page which explains how we work with regards to delivery timescales and when you can expect to receive plants and other products.

We would like to kindly request that if at all possible, you avoid contacting us directly to ask when your order will be delivered, during the first six months of the year. As a small nursery, this only serves to delay us in processing orders and potentially drives up the cost of our plants.


How can I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order in your account area if you created one when you ordered. Otherwise you can contact us using the contact form on the site, but please be aware that at busy times, the more time we spend responding to order status requests, simply reduces the time we can otherwise spend on processing orders. We therefore request and very much appreciate your patience.


When is the best time to order plants?

As we generally work on a pre-order basis, the best time to order from us is January, February or March. Ordering during the first quarter will give you best pick of availability and will ensure you receive your plants as early as possible in spring when they are ready.

We do accept orders all through the year though, and although availability decreases, we do still hold stock of a LOT of Hardy Geraniums!


When is the best time to plant?

The best time to plant is either spring (May & June) or Autumn (September & October). You can plant at other times of year too, as long as the risk of frost has passed. If you're planting in summer, you just need to be more conscious of keeping your new plants regularly watered, to enable their establishment.


What size are the plants you sell?

Our pot-grown plants are grown in either 1.4 litre or 2 litre pots, depending on the variety. 

Our bare rooted plants which are available to order in January and February are generally around the size of an adult hand, however they can vary in size depending on variety, but they are intended for 2 litre pots.

We try to refrain from selling small 9cm pots for various reasons, however if you are on a budget and would like to enquire about these, please use our contact form as we may have stock of the variety you're looking for in this smaller size.


Do you sell bare rooted plants, and if so, when?

We do sell bare rooted plants, yes! They are available to order in January and February, for delivery in late February and March, whilst they remain dormant.


Why do you cut back your plants before sending them?

For a large part of the season, we do cut back our plants before boxing them. This is for several reasons; firstly it reduces the stress on the plant (plants don't like being squashed into dark boxes), secondly, although we don't give our plants any room to move in the box, it prevents long growth from getting damaged in transit. And thirdly, being perennials, your plants will quickly reward you with fresh new foliage once they're planted and a new flush of flowers, providing it is early enough in the season.