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The cantabrigienses are low growing, semi-evergreen, carpet-forming plants which offer excellent ground cover, summer flowers and autumn foliage colour.

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The cinereums are the small alpine type Geraniums. They enjoy an aspect of full sun and well drained soil. Perfectly suited to rock gardens, they are great for adding splashes or rich colour.

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The Geranium hybrids come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They are generally some of the longest flowering and have been selected for this reason or for one of their other unique characteristics, whether it be large flowers or unusual foliage. 

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The himalayenses are well known for embellishing the herbaceous border with those large blue flowers through summer. We also stock some not-so-well-known varieties though, which bear white or red-bronze tinged foliage.

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The macrorrhizums are perfect for areas of deep, dry shade. Ideal for under trees with a lifted canopy, for example, or on the shady side of a hedge. They are semi-evergreen and come in whites, pink and cerise/magenta shades. They also have fragrant foliage.

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The maculatums are delightful, early flowering, mid-height and strong growing plants that are perfect for dappled shade or 'woodland' type conditions.

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The magnificums are all crosses between G. ibericum and G. platypetalum. Often seen in large clumps in early summer bearing a swathe of large purply-blue flowers, which bees love.

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The nodosums are a fantastic group of plants, perfect for areas of dry shade, where little else will grow. They are low growing and come in pink, purple or white.

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The oxonianums are all crosses between G. versicolor and G. endressii. They are a stalwart of the herbaceous border, coming in a range of whites, pinks and cerise shades, with or without veins and in various foliages from plain green to golden & red variegated.

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The phaeums are one of the earliest flowering of the Geraniums. Throwing up tall flower spikes, they come in an array of different colours and heights, as well as foliage types. They enjoy consistently moist soil in sun or shade.

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The pratenses are generally blue or white in colour, come in a range of heights and foliage types, and they enjoy full sun with consistently moist soil.

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The psilostemons and related hybrids are some of the tallest Hardy Geraniums. Usually all sporting similar flowers which are magenta with a black centre, they are very eye-catching. They enjoy a hot, sunny border.

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The renardii types are delightful plants, low to mid height, they come in whites and puply-blue colours, with lovely soft, grey, textured foliage. They enjoy the front of a sunny border and cope well with coastal and dry conditions.

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The riversleaianums are crosses between G. endressii and G. traversii. They are few in variety, but nonetheless, deservedly popular. They have excellent flowering periods and very attractive grey-green foliage. They enjoy a sunny, well-drained spot (especially in winter!)

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The sanguineums are fantastic little growers, perfect for the front of a sunny border, they tolerate hot, dry conditions well. There are many varieties to choose from in white, pinks and purples and cerise shades.

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The sylvaticums are early flowering, mid-height, woodland plants that enjoy an aspect of dappled shade. They're great for early pollinators and come in white and shades of purple and purply-blue.

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The wallichianums and their hybrids all bear the similarity of having a defined white circle at  the centre of the flower, which the colour gently fades into. They usually have straight veins that lead to the centre of the flower too. They are sprawling plants which enjoy a mostly sunny spot, ideally with a bit of dappled shade during the hottest part of the day.

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The wlassovianums are very strong growing garden plants. Somewhat underrated, we think. Their foliage is stunning; it is soft to the touch, fantastically architectural in shape and copper tinged, turning wonderful colours in autumn. They enjoy a sunny but moist spot, where they have space to climb or sprawl.

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Here you will find all the straight species listed together. These are the original Geranium species, before any varieties of that species were created.