Geranium hybrid 'Hocus Pocus'

Height Medium
Situation Sun
Colour Blue
Soil Type Moisture retentive soil, Reasonable soil
Season Summer
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Key Features: Lovely light blue flowers, which contrast fantastically over a neat mound of green-tinged, red-bronze foliage.

Height x Spread: 14 x 12 inches (35 x 30 cm)

Preferred Aspect: Full sun

Flowering Period: May - August

The pratenses, (of which 'Hocus Pocus' is a hybrid) also known as the ‘meadow cranesbill’ are native to the UK and Europe and can sometimes be found growing in grass verges in parts of the countryside. No surprise then that they like to be in full sun, whilst having their roots consistently moist. They come in blue, white, pink, and, rather unusually, white with splashes of blue in the same flower! There are also double varieties and smaller varieties with red foliage, which have either blue or white flowers. They are a fantastically diverse species then, and aside from the double ones, provide a great nectar source for pollinators. They also come in a range of heights. The species itself being a pretty tall plant, whereas some of the small red foliaged varieties could potentially be grown in containers, with consistent, careful watering. They flower plentifully in mid-season and as with most cranesbills, will come back again for more if cut back after their first flush.

Hardy Geraniums are one of the most diverse genera of herbaceous perennials. It is possible to find a Geranium to suit most parts of your garden, from the vast range of species and varieties available. They complement most other plants beautifully and, chosen wisely, can provide a continuation of colour in the garden from spring through to early winter.

Please note that the heights, spreads and flowering periods mentioned are approximate, as they can be affected by your soil type, light levels and other various conditions that may surround the plant.