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I am continuing to offer only hardy geraniums. I just love them. They are so easy to grow and give a range of colours and forms that make them a must for any garden. Specialising in this way allows me to expand the range of varieties on offer far beyond other nurseries. I will be starting 2013 with over 200 varieties. As always the widest range will be available early in the season. I have posted photos here of most varieties and will be adding in new photos when plants come into flower.

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Into High Summer !

Published 04/07/14

I am offering a restricted range of plants during JULY and AUGUST. In the garden many varieties are full size and in full flower and it is now well past the ideal time for planting new plants in the border. 

The full range, 200+ varieties, will be available again in September. Autumn is a good time for plants to establish well before winter and get a racing start for the next season.

The Nursery is not open regular hours but visitors are welcome by appointment. Please phone to let me know when you wish to visit. 

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