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I am continuing to offer only hardy geraniums. I just love them. They are so easy to grow and give a range of colours and forms that make them a must for any garden. Specialising in this way allows me to expand the range of varieties on offer far beyond other nurseries. I will be starting 2013 with over 200 varieties. As always the widest range will be available early in the season. I have posted photos here of most varieties and will be adding in new photos when plants come into flower.

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Morning mists and Autumn Planting

Published 15/08/14

We have had a lot of rain in recent days and there is a coolness in the evening air. A definite feel of autumn approaching even though we are still in August. We could yet have more hot weather but now with more moisture in the soil it's a good time to be thinking of autumn planting. I've started in my own  garden already.

All plants on the list are available now although some I only have small numbers left. However I will be adding new varieties over the next few days so plenty of choice for your autumn planting. I really think it's the best time of year for planting perennials to give a great start for the new season.

I've had quite a few visitors to the nursery so far this year. If you want to visitdo please rememebr I need advance notice as we are not open regular hours.

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